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    "We believe in quality over quantity.
    Developing athletes to perform at the highest level is our priority.
    We're a boutique club that caters to the elite athlete." — Rusty Aaronson


    Our approach to training and player development is not what you'll find at the "other" bigger clubs. We don't believe in the one-size-fits-all approach.

    Our team training sessions are customized to the talent and skill level of the athletes. A "blanket" approach to age development is not part of our coaching style or philosophy.

    Our first and primary goal has always been to develop the whole athlete. After the foundation has been set, we focus on building a winning mindset. And how to handle a loss with sportsmanship.

    We keep our club numbers down — for a reason. It's not about "the numbers" and more revenue.

    Above all else, we want to ensure that
    Real JFC stands for quality and is never diluted by quantity.

    It's a balance that allows our coaches to teach and develop, which gives them more freedom to create their own training environment.

    Real JFC promotes flair and coaches who think out of the box.

    We teach and re-enforce technique, technique, technique not win, win, win. Winning comes AFTER proper technique and mindset are driven home session-after-session! 

    Although a young club, this model has proven to be successful and have allowed for various players within our club to succeed at the highest level.

    We are pleased to announce that Real JFC is officially the 2nd club to join the Philadelphia Union’s “Pathway to the Pros” program. Our player first approach has allowed us to send 15 players to the Union Academy in our short existence. We are very excited to continue this partnership with one of best MLS Academies in North America.

    Learn about our partnership

    Field Location

    Bob Bende Park
    293 Medford-Mt. Holly Rd
    Medford, NJ 08055


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